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Pretty People Privilege aka PPP is the advantage that attractive people have to get what they want.
“You should hit up Connor he’ll get it for you bc you have Pretty People Privilege.”
by mhstipline December 11, 2020
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A term you can use to describe a girl sending nudes when a guy uses the girl or asks for nudes consistently.
I’m sorry that I can’t be your FUCKING PERSONAL PORNHUB 24/7!!!!
by mhstipline October 15, 2018
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I fucking hate Texas it’s like living in satan’s asshole.
by mhstipline October 15, 2018
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A fandom of 8-12 year old girls obsessed with JoJo Siwa, glitter, bows, and pink. Not to forget high side ponytails and receding hairlines!
#jojosiwa #bowbow #siwanatorz
by mhstipline September 25, 2018
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