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Lake Shore Drive. A road on the east side of Chicago that runs almost parallel to the shore of Lake Michigan.
Made famous outside of Chicago by the band Aliotta, Haynes, and Jeremiah.
Cruising on LSD is only legal in Chicago.
by Illinois Joe October 8, 2004
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The practice of taking a picture of oneself in the bathroom mirror because they don't own a tripod. Pictures taken this way have a distinct look to them. Pictures are taken for use on Myspace.
Oh shit, I don't have a tripod and sugardaddy69 wants to see what I look like! I think I should use some mirrortography.
by Illinois Joe July 1, 2005
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a foreskin so big, you can make a lampshade out of it.
the uncut dude has a lampshade
by Illinois Joe November 22, 2004
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To leave town without telling anyone beforehand.
I thought that bustdown was just trying to ignore me, but she just decided to skip town on me.
by Illinois Joe May 22, 2006
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The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). First used by comedian Dane Cook, it describes what it's like to wait in line for hours with no air conditioning with whiny kids, smelly cocksuckers, and people talking on their god damn cell phones, just so you can get your driver's license.
I had to get my driver's license from satan's asshole today.
by Illinois Joe October 8, 2004
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A roll of 1 dollar bills with either a 20 or 100 on the outside to give the illusion that the holder has more money than he really does.

Originated in the Chicago nouveau riche Polish community as a means of showing off.
Check out Piotr's Polish roll, he ain't really ballin'!
by Illinois Joe June 14, 2012
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1.an instrumental by the Edgar Winter Group that is regarded as one of the best instrumental rock songs ever
2.John Kerry, so called because he looks and talks like frankenstein
by Illinois Joe October 8, 2004
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