Sashimi (Girl's VJayJay) that is spiced with wasabi and your cack.

When you bang a girls dry sashimi until it gets raw. Then you sprinkle some wasabi powder on her sashimi and watch her scream!!
Hot Sashimi

Amy: Not only did he bang me until I was raw in my sashimi, he laughed when I was sreaming from the wasabi.

Me: Damn ur pretty when u cry!!
by HarroMofo April 14, 2011
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Use in front of other people to mean making out so they dont get what your talking about.
me and a girl totally love crocodile sashimi.
by 0100100001001001 May 31, 2008
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When you take the juice of a rotten fish, inject it down your urethra and splooge it on someone's face
This girl dogged me the other night so next time we hooked up I gave her the japs eye sashimi
by Dirty Fin February 29, 2020
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Also simply called RLS, 'Raw Like Sashimi' refers to the music blog by the same name but has now started becoming both a verb and noun amongst the vast blogging community. It means when one wants something related to music, immediately.
"You want the new Madonna album? Well, just get online and raw like sashimi it!"

"All this raw like sashimi-ing tonight has my eyes all tired. I think I'll go to bed"

"I've bee searching for some good french music. Do you think if I raw like sashimi-ed my query, Id get lucky?"
by Verbia March 25, 2006
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The name given to those who have been rejected by their crush but are still adored by all.
I ask Jessica out and she said no.

At least you are still a Mon Sashimi.
by Urban my Jurbin November 26, 2017
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