putting your finger(s) in a girls vagina.
my pants are off; now bang me dammit!
by meggers July 27, 2003
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Instead of saying "You can thank me later" after doing something nice for somebody, respond by saying, "You can bang me later." Hopefully you get BANGED!
"Hey, you dropped this pen."


"No worries."


"You can bang me later"

by Jellybean7 May 4, 2009
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a verbal expression. to fuck someone repeatedly and vigorously without regard to the sensibility or consciousness of the person being fucked. Usually done without protection. May be used to describe male-female or male-male action.
I can't even sit down this morning because that guy I hooked up with last night banged me like a cheap screen door. I hope our second date is just as good.
by Vanesca February 18, 2012
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