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A place of abode that is decorated in ancient Venetian style. Typically used to describe modern-day apartments and dwellings that draw upon the Italian Renaissance period to exhibit an entirely new and unique personality in terms of decor.
"Jeanette's new house is certainly very kabitat in nature."

"Joe's Kabitat is one that far surpasses his last apartment"

"I want the living room done up differently, perhaps Kabitat-style"
by Verbia March 25, 2006

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A shortened version of the verb and noun raw like sashimi. Used to describe the feeling of wanting a certain version of music immediately.
"If you wanted the latest Eminem album, Id tell you to get online and RLS it"

"I've been RLS-ing all week and my hard disk space is running out"

"Tammy is fast asleep. I think shes all RLS-ed out!"

by Verbia March 25, 2006

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Also simply called RLS, 'Raw Like Sashimi' refers to the music blog by the same name but has now started becoming both a verb and noun amongst the vast blogging community. It means when one wants something related to music, immediately.
"You want the new Madonna album? Well, just get online and raw like sashimi it!"

"All this raw like sashimi-ing tonight has my eyes all tired. I think I'll go to bed"

"I've bee searching for some good french music. Do you think if I raw like sashimi-ed my query, Id get lucky?"
by Verbia March 25, 2006

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