Hydro-ponically grown marijuana.
Geez, that was some good aquatic. Let's go smoke some more, if haven't passed out quite yet.
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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The adverb of aquatic.
C-sad lives his life aquatically because he is an aquahampster.
by Not Karl August 23, 2006
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One of the best movies of all time if you like the sort of quirky type humor.
Son of a bitch, I'm sick of these dolphins. -The Life Aquatic
by k-bones January 21, 2007
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A YouTube streamer/content creator who is famous for his Minecraft/ROBLOX "how to" videos which have helped hundreds of thousands of people. He grew up as a YouTuber, starting his channel in 2016. Every other December since he started his channel his sub count has grown 10 times larger. He does a variety of ROBLOX streams, Minecraft streams, hangout streams, Minecraft videos, ROBLOX videos, vlogs and memes. He also has two secret YouTube channels which are more popular than his main channel but no one knows they're him.
Aquatic Toast is my favorite YouTuber.
by PerfectPeridot December 7, 2020
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When a female sleeps with so many guys that she starts to grow barnacles on the inner walls of her vagina, has a community of crabs living in her pubes, and smells like fish.

When your vagina becomes more like an exhibit at an Aquarian
Dude that chick had an aquatic puss, shit smelled like a dirty ass turtle tank. Now I have to go make sure I didnt catch any barnacles.
by Kimbo January 29, 2018
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The most elite swim club in the world.
Coach: Whats Ranger Aquatics?
Riley: It's so elite a 14 year old Michael Phelps couldn't get in.
by mmmbnmhknmjknmh October 19, 2022
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Non consensually peeing on partner during shower sex
Dude I took a hooker into the shower and gave her an aquatic flashbang
by Señorguido March 18, 2019
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