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short for "sardy" "sardacious" "mmm sardy"

1. a word commonly used by young bros and brahs to describe an phenomenal act/feat of coolness, hotness, awesomeness, & greatness.
Tom: Check out that sardy 10 oclock.

Spencer: SARDY!!

Steve: I got so hammered last night that I pissed all over my roommates basket of clothes and accidently drunk dialed my mom for a booty call.

Ned: Sardy!
by Brody Hasselhoff June 15, 2010
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1. A dumbass who doesn't have a clue
2. A co-worker who uses high level language and descriptions incorrectly
3. A tax accountant who does not know anything about tax even though he has had his current job for four years (with no promotion in sight)
4. A person who eats stinky food and clips his fingernails at his desk
Sardy likes to give gross unknown facts about himself, like that he has size 12/13 feet.
by Cindy July 29, 2004
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