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my english teacher who hates me and doesn't understand me
by Cindy January 26, 2004
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In the time frame of when you're about to get laid when both naked partners look at eachother and feel an awkward moment. (Often occures with virgins and inexperienced indiviguals)
"Don't just sit there and fuck stutter biatch, get on you're knees!."
by Cindy March 12, 2004
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guy...this guyizzle has to go inizzle sevizzle mizzles....
meaning: this guys has to go in sevin minutes.
by Cindy February 25, 2004
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A person that is smoothly agreeable and courteous; Sweet; pleasant; delightful; gracious or agreeable; in manner; attractive and just wants to make people happy.
Man 1: Damn nigga, you got it like dat? You a pimp dawg.

Man 2:"I aint a pimp, I'm a suavologist :-)"
by Cindy May 4, 2004
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1. A dumbass who doesn't have a clue
2. A co-worker who uses high level language and descriptions incorrectly
3. A tax accountant who does not know anything about tax even though he has had his current job for four years (with no promotion in sight)
4. A person who eats stinky food and clips his fingernails at his desk
Sardy likes to give gross unknown facts about himself, like that he has size 12/13 feet.
by Cindy July 29, 2004
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Ass crack sweat that turns into a thick lathery paste. Fem. Brown Betty
Jogging on a hot sumer day will produce butt butter
by Cindy February 5, 2005
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