what the pitcher yells when the player is on the bag, in this case high on bag of crystal meth. when a person is obviously tweaking you call them "safe" on the bag.
look at the skinny lady - she's safe! look at her twitch and jaw jack!

everyone is safe at the walmart
by boombie March 08, 2012
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a word telling everyone that hears it that you are an idiot.
by katherineeeeeeeeeeBECK February 09, 2009
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"safe"'s actual definitions are the following:

1. to sarcastically describe an event or person that has once occured
2. while observing an event or person, describing their appearance or actions
1. PERSON 1-"listen here, fu*king kelly slept with jacob and got fu*king HPV."
PERSON 2-"oh, safe."

2. PERSON 1-"dude, what the hell is that girl doing?"
PERSON 2-"um, it looks like she's drunk and throwing up all over your mom's new carpet."
PERSON 1-"fu*king safe."
by courtneyholla January 09, 2008
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1.used to describe people who are nice
2.something good thats happened.
3.just to say hi
1. hes safe he is.

2. 99% in the test. safe.

3. safe, hows it hangin?

by ...hana... June 10, 2006
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Acronym for Stomach Acquired Flagrant Erection
Damnit, I have a safe right before getting in front of the class
by Ruben Mothballs January 25, 2003
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That thing you do when you want to stay alive for tomorrow's rave.
Hey Scott be safe in the city tonight! Super City 50 - Urban EDM is tomorrow.
by xbeatxassasinx February 05, 2016
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Saves is when one smokes a cigarette and someone else asks for the last bit of it (usually just less than half).
Can I have saves on that?
by Crakalaker July 28, 2019
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