UK Slang is virtually its new language stemming from Jamacian words brought over by the Jamacian people in the Windrush generation. It changes a bit from place to place. I don't hear many people in London say certi. But I don't hear many people in liverpool say "Wagwan b piff ting can I get ur digits". Common universal UK Slang words

Leng, Clapped, Wagwan, What you saying, Jokeman, Batty, Bunda, G, Cuz, More Time, True Say, Ting, Fam, Blud, Meady, Mad, On God (ong), Trus

Can't think of anymore on the spot.
Wagwan what you saying
Not much cuz
The new tech fleece is clapped asf
Nah g I think its certi
Anywyas you seen my new ting shes leng
Nah fam shes got batty I'll be honest more time I am just running tru gal
True say I know you well blud ai you know Felicia tried to play me
What a jokeman shes meady asf anyways
Nah but the bunda is there she is not lacking in any department
I guess.
UK Slang is mad g that shit is virtually a new language cuz
Trussss ong
by Big Man Neek You Get Me August 10, 2022
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Clicking is an Uk 🇬🇧 slang for CC fraud (credit card fraud)
Wagwan bro, if you wanna make money shout me, I’ll show you how to start clicking / uk slang💷
by Bandokay OFB July 15, 2020
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