Slang way of saying something is cool and you agree with it
That's safe fam
by roxmstar January 08, 2020
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When the comment made with another person is so damn ridiculous or stupid that it deserves no other response than safe - displaying your disappointment in what was said
" is the earth flat "

Safe qasim
by Sak The Pat September 29, 2020
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1990s slang meaning to be content without something, to decline an offer. Similar to being "all set".
Want to go peek through the windows at the massage parlor?
Nah dude, Im safe. I don't feel like getting arrested today.
by Singlet February 25, 2019
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have a great day 7 year olds kids that are on here GET a life have fun stay in school
via giphy
by ariel.period May 16, 2019
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Can also mean "bye" or "see you later".

Commonly used in London and originated from South London in late 2000s.
Person 1: I will see you later!
Person 2: Safe yeah!
by RoadslangMaster February 19, 2018
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It used to describe if a situation is bad depending how long it is stressed
Him:You failed your exams
Me: anyhow safe!!
by F.Nate August 07, 2019
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