"what's going on" or "are you alright"
if you are meeting someone for the first time safe is usually used by making a closed fist with your hand and touching the other persons fist to greet them.
by Fusi Kid July 08, 2005
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Having high quality of character so as not to be the type of (most often guy) who will fuck you over through association; Not a shmuck. (See Fuck Over)
Who? Daniel? No, man. Don't tease her about him He's safe, so chill. No need to be starting fights.
by Auduck September 26, 2005
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Used to describe a girl or guy, a girl more often, who is very pretty/sexy/cute.
That girl is TOO safe eh Lem?
by Joey Mcwicked January 31, 2005
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adverb or adjective, short for "safe sex".
Do you bb?
No man, I only play safe.
by Roody August 17, 2005
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Actually it is generally used never in London but in Cardiff and Newport eg. By glc, when something is good and you like it. It also shows respect between one another. Sometimes half hearted yet sometimes a very distinguished excitement arises when passing a spliff.
Yeah thas safe
Nah, he's pretty safe like
Safe as fuck bro
by Lena January 18, 2005
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