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Everyday .

Not your average I have a joint on Christmas type person . Someone who lives and loves the art and passion of cannabis, someone who’s eyes are always red. It’s safe to be safe . When it’s 420 day everyday . Whatever your tool of choice if your blazing on the daily your definitely safe.

It’s not a phase that your going through it’s living your life to the true !
Hey, you getting high today ? Of course bro , I’m SAFE !!

Stay safe mate.... everyday brother!

Hey bro where’d you get that awesome stoner shirt ? Oh bro I got it from safe . Stoned as fuck everyday .

Hey babe that’s a sexy looking top I love the smoke it, it’s delicious weed plant on there .

Thanks honey I got it from Safe
by Sweetlilphsyco April 21, 2019
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3 meanings:
1. a cool person
2. to signify agreement
3. to signify something is good
1. Tom lent me an album, he's safe.
2."who wants nachos?" "yeah safe"
3. "what do you think of this excellent song?" "it's safe"
by Kurt December 02, 2003
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describes someone or something that is good/cool/nice.
that kid's safe, bruv. i don't want no one fuckin wit him.
by International Bad Boy August 05, 2004
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altho originally from Jamaica, it has been incorporated into London slang for the use of anyone who knows it meaning 1.hello, 2.goodbye, 3.thankyou, 4.good to see you, and 5.a general word used in celebration.
1. "Safe man"
2. "safe dude, c u soon"
3. "here's that jay u wanted me to roll"
4. "wassup bro, its been a while"
"Safe mate, way to much of a while"
5. "mate i just pulled the finest chicka!"
"Safe mate, nicely done!"
by KitSteel April 16, 2007
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people who are known as 'lads' are normally safe. 'bare safe' saying which means very cool. overall definition of the word is cool. jeremyjefrysafe
'bare safe' - very cool, swag
by jeffryjeremy1 May 02, 2013
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The last few tokes of a cigarette before u give it to someelse dying for sum NiCOTiNE
"gimme saves on that brown"
by GotJuice February 23, 2005
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