A rare but unique sex maneuver that includes towels, rugs, and mustard being applied to the body, with obnoxiously loud Muslim music playing in the background to set the mood.
Man last night I met this amazingly sexy Muslim chick, but when we got back to my flat, she said she wanted to perform "The Saddam Hussein" on me... I shut her out before she even stepped in the door!
by jZampage January 13, 2008
An asshole who recently got fucked by dicks. pwnage.
Saddam Hussein got pwned! booyah skeet skeet skeet
by wewewewewewe December 30, 2006
Hey! You just shot a spitball at me! You Saddam Hussein!
by Da bomb November 24, 2003
Ohh comeone people! You should all know that George Bush wouldn't have wanted those oil-rigs on fire again. Isn't that why he went for the oil in the first place? pfft.
by 538 July 23, 2003
Saddam Hussein is an arab bastard. He brutally tortured his own people to further benefit his own cause. The Iraqi people loved him only out of pure fear of being killed by him. Now he is being sold for cigarettes in prison. Oh well, the sand rat deserves it. He did have weapons of mass destruction, and he had them disarmed and destroyed by his scientists before he fled. Everybody knows that he had these weapons.
"Saddam Hussein is an Iraqi asshole"
by the American guy April 20, 2005
yo momma from iraq u iraqi bastard
if i said yo momma, i would be talking about Saddam Hussein!!
by Nick The Hobo November 4, 2004