The most ingenious projectile weapon known to man. Commonly created by taking a small piece of paper that had been balled and moistened in the mouth, placing a thin tube to the lips (such as a plastic straw or broken pen), and blowing so that the projectile passes through the tube at a high velocity until impacting in a vivid display of saliva. Over the years, the spitball has become one of the greatest threats to teachers, school administrators, nerds, and obese girls everywhere. Attempts have been made to limit the spread of this dangerous weapon, but the spitball remains prevalent because of how easy it is to create, use, and conceal.
"Oh man, Justin hit Allie in the ear with a spitball. The teacher is still trying to find out who did it!"

"Ha ha... my Dad told me about how he used to shoot spitballs into nerds' eyeglasses. That weapon is timeless."
by little geek January 27, 2006
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To make a suggestion loosely, often one that goes against common logic.
"Now I'm just spitballing here, but why don't we pay off our loan in Canadian dollars and save ourselves soem money?"
by Rogultgot August 15, 2005
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1)To toss ideas around with no expectation of them coming
to pass, to brainstorm.
2) To make harmless jibes or attacks; make weak accusations.
1)We were spitballing about the upcoming election.
2)I was just spitballing him, but he took it seriously.
by jawm October 23, 2005
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An almost forgotten way to wage war against another person or group of people. Typically used by kids in the lower grades against another rival class. Involves a straw and a small crumpled up ball of paper that is soaked in spit to make it stick to others. Rules of engagement: You need many allies to pull this off, never do this alone. Never get caught by the teacher. Always over prepare in ammo.
Maxwell: The other retarded class started a spitball war with us yesterday and they got Davy and Brian.

Jim: This is a code red alert, call in support from the classes upstairs, we need more allies.
by willywonkaboi May 2, 2019
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The sexual act of performing a blow job, pretending to swallow, kissing one'a partner, and spitting their semen back into their mouth.
I'm so mad at my girlfriend, she ohio spitballed me last night.
by far-gone September 10, 2014
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When you hit the foreign kid who doesn't speak any English and always pisses his pants in your elementary school class with a spitball and they start eating it.
I just hit that German kid with a foreign spitball and he ate it LMAO!
by Dookiepoopy November 10, 2021
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Girl found in Runescape typically trying to seduce men like Silomin with her swedish methods of seduction.
Kota21: someone buy this fleshlight shaped likes ace spitball's thing
Silomin: amg ill buy 50k
Squigtime: 60k here s0n
by sillyman June 21, 2009
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