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A rare but unique sex maneuver that includes towels, rugs, and mustard being applied to the body, with obnoxiously loud Muslim music playing in the background to set the mood.
Man last night I met this amazingly sexy Muslim chick, but when we got back to my flat, she said she wanted to perform "The Saddam Hussein" on me... I shut her out before she even stepped in the door!
by jZampage January 13, 2008
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The lovely portion of real-estate portrayed by a peach of a pussy resembling what looks like the aftermath of a precisely aimed axe wound. Often times there is no inner labia in the presence of a pristine 'Cooter Slit'. After sight of a well kept 'Cooter Slit', a raging hard-on typically follows.
I was just getting ready to get dirty with this girl and as I go to pull off her panties, I've got a perfect 'Cooter Slit' winking at me. The blood that rushed to my dick so quickly damn near gave me a stroke...
by jZampage April 07, 2011
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