Person #1: What's your nationality?
Person #2: I'm Iraqi.
by A.Q. February 24, 2005
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Irrate Rednecks Against Queer Indians
I am a member of the IRAQI, so go away
by hmm April 19, 2005
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1. Regarded to be 'the new black.'
2. Bad ass gangsta motherfucker that once had a glorious civilization and now is slightly bitter about it.
Yo Iraqi, wanna come smoke shisha with me tonight?
by JohnVenezwella August 19, 2005
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formerly to describe a national of iraq but now used to denote a tribe of Arabs who are part of the 52nd state of the united states after the denationalisation of there country in April 2003.
Iraqis are now American Subjects and nationals
by Brother Number One May 10, 2004
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To demand someone to rack (fill) a bong.
(Q) Iraqis?

(A) Yeah no worries man.
by Ninja Online February 10, 2010
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1. Uncool, Stupid.

1. A person from Iraq
1. You are acting really iraqi! Why won't you let me borrow that blunt?

1. The Iraqis are a very interesting group of people.
by Elvera August 15, 2008
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one who racks themself on a bicycle, pool siding, or various other objects.
"That iraqi at the bike show probably can't have kids after that incident."
by Caitlyn Rose J February 4, 2008
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