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1.An expression of a lack of interest in another persons comment
2.Used to look down upon another
Person 1: u really suck man
Person 2: pfft

Person 1: Well i had to build my house with my own two hands
Person 2: Pfft...i Had to build this whole dam city with mine
by Mangles November 11, 2004
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1. An expression of dismissal of another's comment.
2. The sound of a silent and deadly rectal emission.
An example of 1.
Person 1 - You're an idiot.
Person 2 - Pfft
by Elaine October 17, 2001
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a forced exhalation of air which produces the noise pfft
done when you disagree with someone
'i think im the best looking person ever'

'pfft! fat chance'
by Andyroooooooooooooooooo June 24, 2007
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Used in any situation in a negative way.
Guy 1 : That girl is hot!!
Guy 2 : Pfft (meaning Guy 2 doesn't think so)
by Denzilianmwctush June 03, 2009
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1) Practically synonomous to a scoff. Used to express a feeling of superiority/indifference

2) An exclamation signaling you do not believe what the other person has told you.
1. Person1: I am Miley Cyrus.
Person2: Pfft. And I am the easter bunny.

2. Person1: Oh yea? Well I'm 10
Person2: Pfft. I'm 13.
by Dipwad October 17, 2008
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