Tyrannical dictator who brought himself to power amid a power struggle between the Baathists and the royal family who ruled Iraq originally.

Saddam Hussein opressed his people with an iron fist comparable to that of Hitler and his Nazis.

Saddam Hussein supported the Palestinian terror groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Yasser Arafat himself who kill innocent civilians (both Israeli and Palestinian) and then whine about Isreal. Saddam may not have been connected to the attacks of September 11th, 2001, but he did have ties to Al Queda and trained and funded various Al Queda terrorists. This inhcluded Ramsi Youself, the mastermind behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

True, the US supported him when Iran became an enemy, but that was under the principle of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." But during that era, Britain, France and Germany also supported him, as did Russia and China, so claiming that he was put into power by the US and that the US alone supported him is completely and utterly false (this goes double for the leftists and euro-whiners complaining about the issue here and not doing any real research to get the facts).

Saddam Hussein used the UN's Oil for Food program for his own ends, starving his own people and France and Germany opposed the war because they had huge oil investments with Saddam Hussein. If the US was really after the oil, we would have simply bought it from him instead of going through the trouble of invading (once again that goes double for the clueless europeans and liberals).

Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction. He gassed his own people and refused to disarm them despite a TWELVE YEAR EFFORT by the to pressure him into disarming. Right now, the American and Polish forces are regularly uncovering nerve gas that he was supposed to destroy.
Now Saddam is in custody and will be executed soon.
by I_Hate_Liberals September 9, 2004
1.) The brutal dictator who ruled Iraq for over two full decades. He was notorious for horribly abusing, goring, and punishing his people when they DARED to have an opinion like normal human beings. He usually had his henchmen carry out these terrible deeds, as he was too cowardly to do it himself.
2.) The demented, evil, asshole-of-a homosexual boyfriend of Satan on the infamous cartoon South Park.
3.) The guy who has posted some really messed-up, sick, but HILARIOUS stories on www.Joke-Pages.com. If you have a twisted and/or sick sense of humor, then I highly recommend these jokes for you.
As Saddam had some of his henchmen gouge the protestor's eyes out, he gave it hard to his gay boyfriend Satan, right after he posted another weird confusing story on Joke-pages.com
by Damyankee October 25, 2004
A cruel joke God played on all our asses. A human translation of Wario
Luke: Dude, did you here about what that s.o.b. Saddam Hussein did?
Sam: Ya he's a real cunt
by d*a*v*i*d December 6, 2008
What can I say...

Truly I mean that, what do I, a former military sailor, know of Saddam Hussein? Has anyone ever spoken with several people who would confirm that this man has actually done anything terrible to anyone? Lets examine the facts as they lay now--

a) the people in the region are fully segregated into multiple hater groups and will kill each other through any means at hand

b) when the U.S. pulls out of Iraq, they will leave it open to the civil war that the media keeps alluding to and then we will have ourselves a 'new' Saddam figurehead to bastardize.

c) not one of you shits on this website has any proof beyond the media, which is wholly propagandized by the corps. that run america aka U.S..

d) if you people dont wake up and smell the shit coming, its going to hit you in the face. tv is a joke medium for the truth. people from other countries are a joke medium, after all when our country lies why not all others. if you didnt see something personally you should be maintaining a neutral state of opinion on it at all costs. this keeps your government from brainwashing you into believing whatever like the U.S. pretends only the 'commies' do, when in fact our gov is no dif than any other. use your brain and make your own decisions people. yes, it is harder than eating the shit salad news that you get on tv, but no it isnt that damn hard.
Blinder: Saddam Hussein killed thousands with chem weapons.

Realitist: Oh ya, how do you know?

Blinder: saw it on fox news!

Realitist: You do realize I could personally put that together and make it look good enough in a very small amount of time?(flat out truth, I could make a news net and fuck your mind with whatever I wish if i had money to bribe enough fucks to promote me on the network, think about it)

Blinder: fuck you Commie bitch, die!!!!!!
by sedgewick.sage August 17, 2006
Stupid Iraqi asshole. Exploited his own people for his people. When this bastard dies he is gonna burn in hell.
Burn you cowardly fuck, burn.
by Mikey Tonkin March 18, 2005