Evil, murderous dictator who would have continued to fuck up the lives of the innocent people of iraq. many people moan about the fact that the US went into war against him forgettting that everyone did nothing while hitler took over most of eastern europe and killed hundreds of thousands of people.
I dont want to help people i dont know, so ill let Saddam Hussein continue to kill innocents.
by anon April 21, 2004
Satan's annoying lover on South Park.
Satan: *seeing Saddam raise a dildo* Oh c'mon, you know that's inappropriate.
Saddam: C'mon! It's fake! *throws out dildo*
by dj gs68 July 8, 2003
Ex-dictator of Iraq whom today was sentenced to death by hanging.
Saddam Hussein was one of history's most terrible dictators.
by stan21 November 5, 2006
Is in US custody.
I hid in a spider hole and got caught with 3/4 of a million USD. And had a gun, but didnt use it.
by Rodney Hamburg December 15, 2003