The perfect girlfriend. Flawless, amazing, beautiful and kind in any way. Any guy wants her, and the guy that gets her never wants to let her go. She is a family girl, always there for her friends, and always there to give her love to her boy. Any body in the world would be lucky to have such an angel.

When you find a Chantelle, never let her go.
Chantelle is perfection
by Snowy2021 November 23, 2021
kind, funny , can’t do maths, the best friend you could ever haveee, loyal, and beautiful.
but annoying 🤪
is that Chantelle ?
by usmellhibye October 14, 2021
Chantelle’s are one of the most beautiful,loving,caring,sweet and genuine girl you will ever meet. She can be sweet but also sour so be careful how you treat her and be sure to be on her good side. Chantelle’s are usually very smart and most of the time are never wrong about a situation, they like to meet new people and they choose the people in their life very wisely. They are also really good at predicting situations and what may happen Chantelle’s come in short giggly packages they love to laugh a lot and are pretty funny. The guy she gets should never want to let her go. Chantelle’s want the best outcome in life and will try everything she can to get it. If she wants something she will go get it.
Someone: Who’s that?

That’s Chantelle

Someone: she looks like a Chantelle
by Jesse’sgirl1416 November 23, 2021
Chantelle is a highly intuitive human. She has a heart of gold, amazing hair and her smile lights up the room. She is a human bullshit detector. She can read people like a book and is dead accurate when she taps into her intuition. She is highly ambitious and one of the sweetest earth angels you will ever meet.
Everyone wants her hair... Who? Chantelle
by livserendipity November 23, 2021
Amazing person. So honest and respectful, will always give the best advice and is super sensitive but in a good way. Will be there for anyone who remained loyal but will kick anyones ass who gets in her way or tries to battle against her!!
That chantelle is rad don’t get on the wrong side
Of her!
by Laurose.lavender November 24, 2021
A girl that is one of a kind. She is caring and thoughtful but seriously loves to talk shit and is low key judgmental AF. You can trust her with your secrets because she is very loyal. She loves being loved and always tries to see the best in everyone. Chantelle is a hard worker but has some serious boundary issues. Red flags are anger issues and loves to eat cheese… a lot of cheese.
Yea, Chantelle is kinda a bitch but I love her!
by DefinitelyNotChantelle April 6, 2022