its something different that you can say meaning laughing out loud. It comes from the aim, lol, which looks like a marshmallow surrounded by two graham crackers. So next time u want to laugh, just say smore.
MATH TEACHER: Please draw a line on the board
MATH TEACHER: Can you make it longer please?
STUDENT: That's what she said!
COOL GUY: SMORE! That was a good one!
by Maad Chill May 11, 2008
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Give head on a penis with melted chocolate and when he comes he speads his marshmallow between her graham crackers!
That wuz some mad good smore i had last nite!
by mammadukes June 06, 2006
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Abbreviation for social media whore. A person that does activities purely to post on Instagram.
Did you see Agatha’s fourteen posts on insta about her β€œbook club”?

Yeah. She doesn’t even know how to read. She’s such a smore.
by Dr. Dicktionary, PhD January 11, 2019
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intercoarse between a white male and a black girl and a latina
dawg " listen up i gotta story to tell" last night after i left the club i made a s'more with Chantelle and Maria
by THA KING SUBCRAZI July 09, 2005
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Having a 4-some with 2 brown people at the end and a white in the middle (preferably a fluffy white one) and a black person also in the middle.
Angel: Hey, Nick. Let's go do a s'more with Jess and Gary. We could make a s'more with us on the outside and those two on the inside.
Nick: Awww Yeaaah
Gary: Fuck you guys
by Anyone want a smore August 27, 2010
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