When you're having sex with a woman and she farts on your balls
Was having sex with my woman last night and she gave me a fluffy
by Upstairsdragon December 14, 2013
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fluffy is when someone is lovable and huggable but also everything that's good about that person
he's so fluffy!! :D
she's really fluffy
by tonynv May 10, 2012
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a very soft and ridiculously cute and hairy animal
to represent a cloud like fur
Thats one fluffy poodle.
That cat is so fluffy I can lose my hand in that fur.
What a good fluffy doggo.
by idk, chair February 3, 2018
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Something/someone that is perfect in every single way possible from your own personal perspective
Isn't he so fluffy.
OMG it's so fluffy!
by tonynv October 22, 2013
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A girl between the ages of 21-25, no kids, living with parents, working a shitty go nowhere job. Spends too much time at the local bar teasing men for free drinks. Aptly named a fluffie because they tend to have sweet, wet, fluffy pussies that are hard to stay away from.
Fluffie : I turned 30 last week, its time for me to stay away from the fluffies and look for a real girl. "Fluffie fluffy fluffies"
by walter51578 February 4, 2009
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Not fat but by no means necessary skinny
My best friend hates being called fat so we use the term fluffy
by Urbandictionaryhero January 3, 2012
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Fluffy - Usually describing a person or a behavior that is soft, cute and anything unmanly. Normally seen as an insult or an embarrassment. See examples.
Tim watches disney, he is so fluffy.
WTF you let your woman call you "cuddlecakes"? That's fluffy dude.
Tim, stop acting all fluffy and shit.
by shellwake March 6, 2011
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