When you lose a small vibrator inside yourself and have to go rummaging to get it out.
jeez I almost had to call the doctor to find my silver bullet last night. All good with a bit of rummaging though.
by texasco April 24, 2014
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(Informal). Of a female to have a go at herself in public or private. to flick ones bean, as to speak.
That girl on the cover of Vertigo of bliss is having a rummage!
by V3gas4ce July 16, 2019
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when people of age have a gathering with rum hence the name rummage. Usually in old time English. Also known as a party.
Why ye cometh to ye rummage?
by Lorrr. May 14, 2008
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A fumble, grope, usually accompanies snogging and precedes getting down and dirty
Oh...my....god that snog and rummage was hot, you are so getting lucky tonight
by hrh999 September 19, 2006
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A sale of secondhand items, held in a driveway, garage, or front yard. They usually take place on Saturday mornings in summer.

From rummage sale, so called because it is a sale where you can freely "rummage" (or sort) through things in piles or boxes.

They typically include used clothes, old records, ancient appliances, Happy Meal toys, potholders, small brass deer, broken watches, coffee cups, and "crafty" Christmas decorations. Each sale is different, and finding something good is not a guarantee. (One might argue that it is actually unlikely, as you are sorting through someone else's cast-offs.)

It's main appeal is the thrill of the hunt and the chance at finding a real bargain.
You wouldn't believe the find I got at this rummage today! A nearly complete set of beat-up Beatles albums! AND a broken record player on which to play them!
by Lady Chevalier October 4, 2005
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A thorough search of something, to search by handling, or turning over the contents of. From earlier "romage"; the act of packing and handling cargo
I longed to rummage through his drawers.
by Jane Klaxon October 7, 2006
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The inclusion of drinking Rum into an activity. Or just drinking Rum.
Tonight we are going to play Rummage Rock Band!
by MunkyBizniss August 10, 2010
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