Contrary to popular American belief, snogging is just kissing- not full on lurve action. Full on kissing, yes- but a snog does not define any other sexual act.
I got a little snog off him at the end of the night.
by Chyna August 13, 2004
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The British version of the American term "make-out". Most Americans use it to conceale the true meaning in a conversation from those who do not know the meaning. Also, some prefer the word for personal reasons.
Their folks caught them snogging last night.
by Holcomb July 20, 2005
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making out with all the trimmings. Know as being a common term among the Brits, but for Americans its like a piece of verbal candy. The sound and spelling of the word itself doesnt seem to match the meaning, which we all know and love so well
lets get back to snogging, i prefer it over your talking

my parents are out, wanna snog?
by CouRtney June 5, 2004
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british slang for kissing or making out. it has become a popular term in america thanks to the huge success of the harry potter books.
reading harry potter is the first time i was introed to the word snogging
by 07qt November 18, 2011
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snogging - to get a little action in the movie theaters, kissing, a term commonly used in Europe.
matthew : so what did you and lauren do last night after we left ay?

billy : oh ya kno, we were snogging for a bit
by lildikgurl666 August 27, 2018
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A word used instead of kissing. Used in the 6th Harry Potter book.
J.K. Rowling used snogging in Harry Potter 6... what an idiot.
by Unter Hole August 8, 2005
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