Although All good is used as a reassurance word, It can also be used as a way of replying to "Thank You"
"Thank you for the accept" "its all goods"
by Lord_Lemonz98 March 18, 2015
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Everything is sanguine. Generally a reassurance, rather than an independant statement.
Lady-friend: My god! We'll all be killed!
Guy: Chill baby, it's all good.
by Minstrel March 5, 2003
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A polite way of saying it's okay, usually in a cool/caring manner.
Person A: I am really sorry, but I spilled some soda on your girlfriends gym bag.
Person B: Dude, it's all good. Don't sweat it because we will just use some stain remover to remove any stains on the bag or my girlfriend will just get over it. She needs a new gym bag anyway.
by SuburbanH October 6, 2021
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Means nothing is bad.

Used in an optimistic sense to show the lightheartedness of something.
-Hey man, sorry about that. I had someone on the other line.
-Oh it's all good.
by sirrah March 28, 2005
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Just like saying it is ok. When someone says sorry it would be relevant to use this phrase
Sorry for leaving you hanging last night
It's all good bro
by Mufasa0122 October 28, 2014
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Means: 1. Its allright, don't worry.
2. Everything will be fine. Jus' chill!
1. "Want a beer dude?
"Nah...I'm all good."
2. "Waaah Waaah I dropped my ice-cream."
"Its all good man, we can jus' buy yo a new one, chill!"
by Diego August 26, 2003
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