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A shorthand term for synaesthesia, a condition involving the "mix and matching" of the five senses.
Do you hear that? It's this high pitched, coppery-tasting buzzing noise.
by Lady Chevalier July 11, 2005
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Completely different.

Often said with nostalgia.
You know, Star Wars is not quite the same without Muppet Yoda.

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles isn't quite the same as the kickass show I watched as a kid.
by Lady Chevalier June 7, 2005
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Used to point out or emphasise silence. (Well, not precisely silence, since chirping crickets make sound. But you get it.)

The idea is that you can only hear crickets when there are no other sounds, such as conversation or laughter. Often used to denote the awkward pause after a bad joke.
Joe: What's the sound of two drums and a cymbal falling over a cliff?
Ted: *tiredly* I don't know, Joe. What is the sound of two drums and a cymbal falling over a cliff?
Joe: baDUM-ksh!

*crickets chirp*

Joe: ...Oh, come on. That was funny.
by Lady Chevalier May 24, 2005
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Often used to mean "don't have any," it literally means the opposite.

ain't was originally a contraction of "am not" or "are not," and should only be used in the first person. However, as it has still not been accepted into "proper" English like its counterparts won't and can't, few people see any problem with further "misuse" of the word.

"I ain't got no money" literally means "I am not got no money," which makes no sense at all, but is nonetheless understood to mean "I have no money."

It is an example of a double negative, where the contraction "n't" and the following "not" should cancel each other out. However, very few people realize (or care) about this, and the phrase remains in common use.
I ain't got no idea what you be talkin' about.
by Lady Chevalier March 6, 2004
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A word placed randomly in sentences, purported to instill fear or uneasiness in the reader. Its use generally references a conspiracy or parody thereof.

Popularised by the Illuminatus! trilogy by Roberts Shea and Winston.

Not to be confused with fjord, those elegant creations of Slartibartfast from the Hitchhiker's Guide "Trilogy."
Fnord is evaporated herbal tea without the herbs.
by Lady Chevalier March 24, 2005
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One who sucks fun.

A person who can take any situation where others are enjoying themselves and remove all pleasure from it. Popularised by the Lindsay Lohan movie Freaky Friday.
Bob: Hey, Frank. Wanna go cow-tipping with the guys tonight? It'll be a blast!
Frank: My dog was CRUSHED and KILLED when someone tipped a cow onto him.
Bob: ...

Chris: Hey, Frank. We're down at the river skipping rocks. Wanna come down?
Frank: My dog was KILLED when someone hit him with a rock when he was swimming. He DROWNED.
Chris: ...

George: Frank, you wanna come on a road trip during Spring Break?
Frank: My dog was RUN OVER and KILLED by college students on a road trip.
George: ...
Chris: ...
Bob: Seriously, man. What the fuck.
by Lady Chevalier June 10, 2005
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Pronounced U-burbanite, from suburbanite.

Students of a large university, or residents of the surrounding area, whose lives (whether or not they like it) are impacted by the U on a daily basis.

Inspired by the University of Minnesota's annoying habit of using the capital letter "U" whenever possible, up to the point of subsituting it for the word "you" whenever possible. This author is sure that other universities have a similar tendancies, but she has not experienced them.
The Uburbanites are up in arms about the new stadium proposal.

The Uburbanites mobbed the University's office, demanding the return of the word "you."
by Lady Chevalier May 24, 2005
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