Having a large silver thermometer stuck in your rectum after being a heat casualty...dont at USMC boot camp
Ralston passed out and took the silver bullet
by Justin Barrante April 24, 2004
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and magic bullet

a specific, fail-safe solution to a problem(from the notion that a bullet made of silver is necessary to kill a werewolf)
I would not call his plan a silver bullet, but anything is better than nothing.
by Light Joker February 14, 2005
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A nickname once given to Coors Light, because of its silver can
Grab me a silver bullet while youre up
by fuck nerds May 9, 2003
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Oval shaped, female sex toy with a radio control variable speed setting.
My girlfriend used her "silver bullet last night. Hence I was cockblocked by a toy.
by Aighsuk Badd September 15, 2003
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1. Nickname given to a can of Coors or Coors Lite, because of its long, silver can.

2. The only thing that can kill a werewolf.
The werewolf was vanquished after he shotgunned a silver bullet
by Jake April 3, 2005
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a suppository, specifically a glycerin suppository produced by either Fleet or Dulcolax. The silver bullet is approximately two inches long and cone shaped. The constipant should insert the silver bullet in his/her rectum with the flat side out.
Rufus: I can't poop.
Rufus' Mom: Lemme get a silver bullet.
Rufus: No silver bullet!
by T-Dog Jenkins May 17, 2007
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(military) armor-piercing shell made from depleted uranium, so called for its almost magical accuracy and lethality
The diaperheads tried to counterattack with tanks north of Um Qasr. Several of Bravo Troop's tanks were on the crest of a hill and one got five confirmed kills at ranges of over three thousand meters. Even at that range, a silver bullet goes through a T-62's glacis plate like it's not even there.
by Dick Hertz May 8, 2003
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