the cometh in "The iceman cometh" and the cometh in "the ozzman cometh"
I wonder what da fuck that cometh thing means
by sentiny December 27, 2006
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One who is very poor in bed and or constantly prematurely ejaculates during sex
Billy Bob is such an elmo cometh when he's drunk.
by Bombsauce June 14, 2008
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The name of the play that Charlie Day writes in the television show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The play is written to try to win over the heart of a waitress played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis. At the end of the play, Charlie confesses that the whole play was about him and proposes to the waitress, only to be rejected. The Night Man Cometh is also the name of the episode.
Greg: Did you see the night man cometh?

Perry: Yeah, Charlie Day is a mess.
by CharlieDay February 1, 2009
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a pickup line used to hit on some medieval pussy!
Say this to a girl you would like to get in with.

You: "come hither thy maiden and slayeth thy beast before thy cometh"

Her: "Take me into your dungeon and tie thy upeth!"
by charlie dick(onson) January 24, 2012
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Sum is short for something.

Cum is short for comething.
by JarOfMayonnaise May 30, 2021
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