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transitive verb, past tense: To break beyond repair, or lose completely, or do something catastrophic or highly objectionable or problematic to. Ostensibly by accident but most often used ironically for a purposeful act.
I accidentally the whole thread.

I accidentally the whole website.

I accidentally your mom.

I accidentally inside her.
by the jerky June 30, 2010

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Acronym for "I Checked Google And The Memories". Indicates that the poster did the due diligence of 1. searching Google, and 2. looking through the indexed posts of the forum, and didn't find an answer, before posting a question. Seen almost exclusively in the Seattle LiveJournal Community.

Use of this acronym is a show of forum competency, and may reduce snark.
"Does anyone know of a good dog groomer in Wallingford that specializes in poodles? ICGATM." (fairly probably true)

"Hi I need a place to stay in Tukwila in November, ICGATM" (unlikely to be true)
by the jerky October 15, 2007

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Another spelling of "snarkiness," which refers to the sorts of abusive responses a dumb or poorly considered question or post tends to get in certain forums.
I am prepared so the sarkiness.
by the jerky December 11, 2007

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a weapon in a video game that will kill an full health enemy in one shot. something a new player will always wonder how to get, because everyone else seems to have one.
how the hell are you one shotting me... i want to know how to get a 1SK gun like yours
by the jerky November 11, 2015

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Condom. Derived from jimmy hat in 90's hip-hop slang.
the tall slim fly kid with dope steps
yep, coming with a box of hats
- Nice N Smooth, Hip Hop Junkies
by the jerky December 03, 2007

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(abstract noun or proper noun) A person, especially one not mentioned by name
Hooby doesn't have one.
Hooby who?
by the jerky January 27, 2011

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We got all rubbery last night going through Andy's liquor stash.
by the jerky October 13, 2009

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