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roxxors means something is great to the point of being overly excited about it.
OMG WTF!!!!1one Half-Life 2 roxxors my boxxors teh big 0ne!!
by Mint January 15, 2005
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v: To rock, or be otherwise good.
v: To defeat, usually in an online FPS.
v: An exclamation of happiness.
(alt. r0xx0r)
"I will roxxor j00!"
by JiaXue September 15, 2003
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Something really cool or awesome. It either originated from someone really cool themself or from a teeny bopper.
"That roxxorz, man!"
"tHaT +OtTaLlY roXXorZ!"
by Nanaki BH July 21, 2004
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