The superior way to spell "dude."
J: Yo dood did you do the math homework?
Steve: Hell no.
by Dutch May 3, 2003
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the alternative of dude
has no gender roots
dood that was so cool haha
by i give up on english September 23, 2020
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Dood is the Dutch word for Death..
kut, mijn hond is dood ( fuck, my dog died)
by Machil April 12, 2004
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A word that means the same as dude but was started by a group of reincarnated demon penguins called the Prinny Squad in a PS2 videogame called "Disgaea". It is an awesome game.
by darkarchon729 June 20, 2006
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a word used when you want to exhibit excitement
dood that sounds fun - lets do this
by shaggymorphism November 18, 2021
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A term to refer to someone's cohorts, esp. close friends, NOT simply a second-person reference, unlike the word dude.
Dude, Derek's a pretty cool dood.
I'm in your base, killing your doods.
by D.B. August 24, 2003
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