the act of being left on duty at work for extended periods of time, generally in durations of four to six hours. rotting is most commonly forced on chicago lifeguards as a form of punishment for either some shenanigan they pulled or some bullshit from upper management.
"Those stupid rooks, they've been on duty five hours. Ha! let em rot." or "rooks rot."
by stupid rook March 07, 2010
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1.to hang around, or chill prefably drunk and in a dark place.

2.also to destroy/break stuff.
1.Bro, let's go back to billy's and rot in the basement.
2.Dude, rot that lamp.
by m f baby June 12, 2006
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A term used in california lingo as a replacement as awesome
sometimes you cvan confuse people saying rot.
(which is the fun part)
by Pure Nrg August 03, 2010
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Used as in rubbish, useless, nonsense, stupid. (old-fashioned)
What absolute rot...
by Meh99 January 16, 2016
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