The diminishment of one ( or preferably anothers ) reputation and/or self esteem. Usually occurs via the insult of a second party, although self inflicted embaressment ( or indeed, both in conjunction ) can also qualify.
"Dude! You gotta take some affirmative action! Your ex is going round telling the whole party your dick is the same size as Timy's! ( the resident infant gerbil ) You're getting totally diminished out there man..."
Make less /become less /change to a smaller one.
I diminished my house because it was too expensive to maintain.
by Julianif July 1, 2017
When somebody farts multiple times in one instance, with each fart getting smaller and quieter. Can be anywhere between 3-6 farts. If someone farts more than 6 times in one instance, they need medical assistance, not the Urban Dictionary.
"PPFFFTTT PFFTT Pffftt pfffft pfft pft."
"Damn Daniel, those were some diminishing returns if I've ever heard one."
by Ugly dirtbag May 28, 2021
phenomenon in which greater input of effort, money, etc. yields smaller results. Crucial part of the idea is that if you're using x to get y results (where y is the thing you want). then additional input a will yield additional results b, but not in the same proportion as before.

On average, before, you put in x to get y, so your yield was y/x. But if you increase x by amount a, then your results will be y + b, where

(y + b)/(x + a) < y/x

and this will only get worse.

Diminishing marginal returns (DMR) is used to explain why the supply curve in economics slopes upward, i.e., increasing the quantity supplied requires an increased price of most things.

Sometimes DMR is more than offset by "economies of scale," which allows more of a thing to be supplied more cheaply than a small amount.
At first his flowers and treats swept her off her feet, but then he had to do more and more lavish things to please her. It was a classic case of diminishing marginal returns.
by Abu Yahya June 3, 2009
The tendency of girls to become sluttier with every sexual partner that comes into A vicious/virtuous cycle (depending on who you ask) that presumably ends with taking spanish lessons just to bang Chico the gardener at age 50.

Phrasing inspired by economic theory's law of diminishing returns.
e.g. "I used to do four tequila shots when feeling frisky just to be able to excuse myself the next day for my behavior...I guess I'm already showing the effects of the law of diminishing remorse."
by true_datt October 7, 2013
The more porn you watch, the more hardcore the porn has to be for you to get an erection and to finish. For example, if you watch porn sporadically regular straight porn will do the trick. However, if you're a Giesel and masturbate 13+ times a day it will take some seriously hardcore bukkake or brazilian fart porn to get you off.
Palmer: Dude, last night Lesnick was locked in his room for like twelve hours straight masturbating. You know he had to be wanking to 2 girls 1 cup or some beastiality incest or something.

Pat Shea: How do you know that?

Palmer: Cuz of Giesel's Law of Diminishing returns, that's how
by the schnozzberries January 26, 2010
The rate at which one gives gives fewer fucks.

DMFG: G(F)={(D/S)*D{Nbar^2} -- the number of given fucks is equal to the days left in the semester times the distance from you to the nearest bar (Cornell notation replaces Nbar with NBrB)
There's an economic principle at play here. One that I think a lot of people take away from econ courses. It's called the Law of Diminishing Marginal Fucks Given (or DMFG).
by Andj87 May 4, 2016