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To decay. However, in slangish terms: to be beaten down, reduced or diminished by an event or place that has made a negative effect on your life. This may have affected your finances, health, social life or any number of other factors important to you.
I can't stand working here, it sucks so bad. I've been going downhill ever since I've been here. This job is making me rot.

I've rotted away in university. My school years of constant studying and no life, year after year, have ruined my life.
by PuzZLeR October 23, 2006

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Used (usually) by heterosexual (mostly chauvenist) males when describing relatively easy sex or easy females. In other words, there is/was little, or no, effort (such as dinner, movie, time, money, favors, etc.) to receive sex whether regularly, or on a date, etc.
I love having Lana on the side. She's low maintenance and delivers the straight goods. No need for dinner, expenses and all that stuff, we just do it right away and that's it.
by PuZZleR August 19, 2005

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When two men fight like women, although not limited to just men. Can also be described for when two women fight like women. The phenomenon of bitch slapping is further pronounced when during this conflict both parties swat at each other like they are shooing flies/mosquitos regardless of whether any contact is being made. This activity is usually accompanied by high pitched whines, blubbering, sobs and sissified screaming.
Hey guys, stop bitch slapping each other and fight like men!

When John and Brad bicker they begin to bitch slap each other but no blows really land. Then they make up and get back together again.

by PuzZLeR November 26, 2006

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