a nother term for either a pistol or a penis
" sorry, just gotta adjust my rosco"

" shit, man, don't do that in here!"
by joe don baker December 21, 2002
1. used instead of the word RIGHT... both ways- as in 'not left', and/or 'correct'.
which way do i turn at the light? -ROSCO

is this what im supposed to do? - ROSCO
by waDs February 2, 2004
The Midgetiest Midget that ever Midgeted.
by Rosco April 15, 2003
Hot sexy fucking man and fucking gots bitches like to eat pussy and lick them to.😂
Oh rosco you can eat my pussy any day.
by Dog girl love pets February 4, 2016
old (30s-40s) term for a handgun: same vintage as gat, heater, cannon, etc.
He pulled a roscoe and ventilated the gorilla.
by Peter Haskett March 12, 2005
An old term used for a gun or firearm, usually a handgun or sidearm.
"Had me scared, had me scared, I was shook Daddy - but I forget I had my Roscoe on me."
-Notorious B.I.G.

"Hey man, you better cock that Roscoe, here comes trouble."
by sasadrtwet October 25, 2005
I keep my Roscoe on me just in case trouble approaches
by Slim negro December 20, 2016