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Midgets have skills no ordinary people have. For example, a midget can headbutt a guy right in the nuts.
You might want to watch what you do around Wee Ali, he may not look intimidating, well just keep f%&kin with the midget, that's on you.
by Cloud Atlas Publishing Co. September 30, 2016
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A tiny sub-species of the human race. Mainly raised in midget mills, for the entertainment of normal people. Midgets in the wild are attracted to sugar packets, and if captured they serve many purposes, such as, midget butlers, wrestlers, and as collectables.
I bought sugar packets, so I can capture the coveted and rare asian midget to complete my collection.
by jesse April 21, 2005
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The most evil being on planet earth. They spend their days hunting mankind and eating our souls. They hide in vending machine, around dark corners, under bridges, and Nationals stadium. The natural born enemy of the pint sized menace is the Ginger, as they have no soul to eat.
Fighting midgets is the highest calling any Ginger can answer.
by deepthroat_nohomo May 29, 2012
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A special human created by God so that pedophiles would have something legal to play with.
"Wanna cookie, little midget?"
by Father Mel Kizadeck March 25, 2005
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