the intense sadness when you find out that you have no e-mail.
Why so blue?
I did not get any e-mail.
Shit, man!
by Reagan Santmyer July 31, 2006
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1)Commonly used as a phrase of dislike

2)A man made of shit
Tyrone: Yo dog you just got raped by one a dem ass ugly booty bitches.
G Wayne: Shit man....
by Anonymous April 05, 2004
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1. An expression used to enlighten your neighbors to a truth. Most commonly used after mass consumption of cheeba.

2. "Ain't that the truth."
Dan: Man, these fuckin' pancakes are so good man.
Angus: Shit man.
Rob: Shit... man.
Dan: Shit man indeed.
by Angus Maxwell January 04, 2007
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demon in the night who deposits a foul smell in your mouth leaving shit smelling morning breath
I think the shit man has visited you this morning quinney
by edd331188 October 13, 2007
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1: Shit Man Damn (interjection)

Used to express a strong feeling of surprise, annoyance, or pleasure.

2: Shit Man Damn (noun)

Used to convey that something is a striking success.

3: Shit Man Damn (transitive verb)

Used to denote excitement, approval, or admiration of.
1: Upon seeing his best friend walk into the bar, Chris exclaimed, "Well Shit Man Damn!"

2: Joe: Did you get the job John? John: Shit Man Damn!

3: When I saw how big her fun bags were and how tiny her waiste was, I was Shit Man Damned!
by bolillo loco December 26, 2009
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an ugly harry dirty shit for brains person or just the stupidest uglyest person you've ever seen...
we were all going to go to the party untill shit man the barbarian called the cops.

man they have shit man the barbarian working at BK.
by nick,lupe.conan March 14, 2008
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