drunkenly taking a lifted 4x4 truck/trucks through huge ass mudholes!!!! YEAH
(while looking at a mud covered truck) "man someone took that thang rootin!"
by Mel April 4, 2005
to scavage and ground score intresting and valuable rarities; to search; prowling
last night i was rootin in a dumpster and
found a laptop
by J-VERBAL, WERD. X March 30, 2005
'Tuggin' on your root, Pulling on yourself, J'ing the D, Slammin your hand.
Sorry I missed your call. I was Rootin'.
by HoeBusta July 18, 2009
A word stupid people use when they think they are using 'big words' and seeming smart online and to their friends but are in fact simply looking like an idiot when they misspell one of the simplest words in the dictionary, RoUtine.
'USER1' Yo m8 u gotten yor rootine yet!!?? XDDD
'USER2' No and fuck off I don't want to associate with you anymore, you can't even spell routine!
by Anonywoofs May 26, 2016
Cowboy slang adjective meant to emphasize a positive experience. Possibly related to eating baked beans at a campfire. (See movie Blazing Saddles)
That was a rootin tootin good time we had last night!
by AskTheCards.info Free Tarot October 29, 2013
a daisy rootin is when a girl is being pleasured by a boy from the countryside or in the countryside by there fingers.
jane got a good daisy rootin by jon the other night down by the cow sheds.
by sid123 March 16, 2010