A particular strain of male white trash, centered around Homer City, Pennsylvania. They are often seen with cans of Cope in their back pockets. The female variety are called called "Rooter-Chicks."
Ex: Check out the rooter with the wallet chain and JNCO jeans.

Ex: Look at that murder of rooters on their way to an ICP concert.
by RKolman January 21, 2010
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someone who hacks boxes not with the intent to find information , but rather use every rooted PC in a Denial Of Service attack or to use every rooted PC to collectively distrubute files.
You a rooter?
Yea , I can make Xdcc's faster than no other!
You're hired :)
by Mark Real April 11, 2003
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to root sex
i rooted this mad chick last night
by root-er January 27, 2003
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A fucking try-hard wannabe. Found at most English universities, wearing a pink t-shirt, stupid cancer band, "retro" trainers, ripped jeans and some kind of gay chinese symbol tattoo.
"Russ is such a rooter"
by Lewis1983 May 30, 2005
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(1987-Present)(Co-founder of subHOP Productions) Rooter is a Las Vegas, NV, USA, born and raised spoken word poet/producer whose soul purpose in art is to find the root cause of shared problems, in an effort to exploit them and then promote more realistic and conservative solutions.
Have you heard Rooter's latest poem?

This track was produced by Rooter!
by subHOPultraFAN July 27, 2011
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A British router used by urban British thugs.
Jaz, can you help me use my rooter...Rectify, what the hell is a rooter? It is what I use to share my British internet.Oh, you mean a router. Yeah thats what i said a rooter.
by Rectify April 20, 2005
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