NV Nightvibes, is a group of 2 Canadian artists called Swaine & Sewerperson.
And is often said in their songs and on their profiles.
NV, Nightvibes.
by yuh_yurr_yeah September 21, 2019
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"No Vaginas"
Such as in the Tech N9ne song on the Sickology 101 album, they say "NV stands for 'No Vaginas' anyway."
by TRAUG May 18, 2009
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Short for Nevada; one of the 50 United States, which mostly borders California. Home to many skiiers and snowboarders in the winter with the Sierra Nevada Mountains and various ski resorts, and popular in the summer with beautiful Lake Tahoe. Also, home to Las Vegas. Capitol is Carson City.
We're going to Nevada for the winter to ski and snowboard at Heavenly Resort, woot!
by Megan April 4, 2005
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(Verb) To pull an NV
When you leave a VC without saying anything or any indication of leaving.
"Wait, where did he go?" "oh, he pulled an NV again."
by Ray121 October 31, 2017
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short for never, good for txting and writing in notes
I would nv go out w/ him!!
by gemini18 October 25, 2007
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"nv" legit means envy. think about it. NV= ENVY

kamiyah: girl I just got the new iPhone 12!!! so happy!

Mia: OMG I nv u!

or my discord nickname:storminv
(no worries know you envy me, hun)
by storminv April 28, 2021
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short word for never. great anytme wen tlkin 2 ur frnds.
I wld nv go out w/ him!!!
by Gemini18 November 1, 2007
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