Aussie slang for Red Rooster, a fast food chain similar to KFC (aka Kolonel's Fucking Crap). Generally less popular than KFC due to their use of shitty crumbed chicken in their burgers, and the fact that they build new stores with a single cashier.

The fun stems from the use of the word root in Australia as slang for sex. This provides an endless source of amusement to us when we hear about Americans 'rooting' for their favourite sports team.
I'm going down to Red Rooter - want anything?
by Choda Boy 57 March 16, 2008
A dergatory term for a person from New Zeland. To say that a person has sexual intercouse with a sheep. (Origin: Almost only used by Australian's for making fun of New Zelander's because of the ratio of sheep to people in New Zeland.)
"The All Blacks are a bunch of Sheep Rooters."
by Bigi July 13, 2005
Man who will fuck any girl, regardless of how fat and ugly she is
Oh man, that guy is a total pigrooter, did you see the fatty he did last night?
by Phil Bailey April 14, 2005
That lucky fellow who has a wife or girlfriend that likes to be spontaneous while having sex with her. After being a thorough Bung Licker and totally cleansing her stink star, he reaches for his Jack Juice and liberally coats his rock hard cock and her gumhole and proceeds to enter her balloon knot ever so slowly. Once he has buried his root, balls deep in her rectum, he begins a gentle pattern of slowly withdrawing and reentering her turdcutter. He gradually builds up speed, pistoning away until reaching the point of no return and gushing his man load deep inside her tailpipe, thus being her ever loving Rectum Rooter.
Todd: Hey Larry, you have never been so relaxed. What gives?

Larry: Man, Linda was one hell of a Bag Lapper last night and she begged me to be her Rectum Rooter as I was being a Bung Tounger. She didn't have to ask me twice. The Jack Juice made it one hell of great way to dump the biggest load I ever had in her tight as hell tailhole.

Todd: Damn, at least she wasn't a Bunghole Bandit. You lucky bastard.
by The King Cornholer April 15, 2008
Elma highschool's, Hardcore, Kick-Ass, Name-Taking Student Section. The mission of the Elma High School Rooter's Roost is to psychologically cripple the minds of any opposing force willing to stand toe to toe with Elma High School Athletics and help our athletes en route to victory. We Promote Random Gestures and espically grunting at odd and inappropriate times. No one is alone in the roost one member begins yelling random noise the rest shall follow suit. Also, we enjoy spelling random words instead of the usual E-A-G-L-E-S. As a personnal favorite i like "give me a T-O-A-S-T".
Strollin: Roost Will we ever stop?
Rooters Roost: No! We want sum moe, we want sum moe! OR
While other team is shooting a free throw....
Scott: BEES!!!!
Rooters Roost: (Begin to act as though being attacked by swarming bees)
by Hayden_Merkt#12 February 9, 2010
A term to describe a bodyboarder.
That turtle rooter got some sick air off the back of that bombie.
by omg i am wtf uber November 15, 2006
the most bad ass porn ever invented!!!
man rectal rooter is the best damn porn ever!
by smokie mcpot March 28, 2003