referring to the sweetest, kindest, hottest, sexiest, handsomest, cutest, most caring guy that ever walked the face of the earth. nerdy, clumsy, dancer/singer/songwriter that has the ability to melt anyone's hearts, boy or girl. Has a smile that can make a girl go weak in the knees, a warm personality that will make anyone go crazy for him, and a body that'll make a nigga stop and say "DAMN YOU FIIIIINE!"

the epitome of wonderful. :)
Rommel is so sexy, any girl would die to have his babies.
by ayedee December 12, 2006
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(v) To vomit with such violence the aftereffects are felt for days and the victim is rendered useless.

Derived from the fact that famous Nazis tend to have last names that sound similar to the act of power vomiting. Further examples: Goebbels, Mengele, Durnitz, Eichman (EICH! . . . oh man), etc.
I ate some spoiled bologna yesterday and I rommel (ed) so hard it sounded like I was answering questions about WWII.
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Last name of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. One of the most famous german generals in ww2, he led the famed Afrika Korps in victories against the British. After the fall of Afrika, Rommel left to France and built the Atlantic Wall. Shortly after Operation OVerlord Rommel was convicted of conspiring to kill hitler in the june 1944 plot and forced to kill himself.
Rommel, the DesertFox, was greatly feared by the Allies as a great military genius
by Desertfox November 10, 2003
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Last name of the well accomplished German soldier and general Erwin Rommel. Disgusted with Hitler's disregard for the well being of Germany and his strategic decisions that needlessly cost many lives, Rommel took part in the plot to displace him. The coup failed and he was forced to take his own life. For some reason his name is extensively used as a screen-name in online gameplay, but only the most inferior of players use that title, completely contradictory to the real Rommel's record. It is also tied with 1337 ocassionally, which is equally perplexing as Rommel certainly did not play video games.
I saw someone playing Call of Duty under the name `Deity_Rommel, he just walked into my shots.
by Lopper June 24, 2006
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When you are fucking a chick, and as you are about to cum. You stick up your right hand saluting the third Reich. and then as you are about to ejaculate you begin singing "Deutsch Land, Deutsch Land, Uber Alles" as you cum all over her body claiming it for the father land.

Bonus points; if you Rommel a black chick like Erwin Rommel's assault on Africa
Grailen: How was your night last night?
Will: I was banging this jewish chick, and I rommeled her at the end.
Grailen: dude her ancestors must have been rolling around in their graves
Will: nah they are just piles of ash
by xCalogan35x February 05, 2016
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an awesome dog, also known as Rommelnomoulnousorous
That dogs name is Rommelnomoulnousorous and is a dog
by Coldine May 09, 2011
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