Verb. Originated from the beating of rodney king. Originally used by Chris Rock to "Rodney King" in a sketch called How not to get your ass kicked by the Police.
It means to run from the Po-Po
#1: Dude stay still dont rodney king it.
#2: Why?
#1: Coz if they have to chase u, u can bet they are bringin an ass whuppin with them
by Super Famicom July 30, 2004
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1. When a non-white person is physically or verbally attacked by a group of whites for any reason.

2. When a white person justifies such an act, or any other race-based discrimination that is clearly wrong.
1. Read any American newspaper before the 1960s...

2. "Well, I mean, there are more black people in jail because scientists have actually found that there is a microchip only found in dark skin that transmits messages to the brain encouraging criminal behaviour."

"Man, that's bullshit, stop pulling a Rodney King."
by osibisa November 16, 2007
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when four males in cop uniforms beat a black chick with dildos then cum in her face
we rodney king the bitch.
by jesus fuck shit July 31, 2006
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1. The act of police stress reduction through judicious brutal beating of patsy in order to alleviate the need to abuse wife, ,mother-in-law, child, dog, cat, neighbor, secret boyfriend or self upon arrival home after shift.

3. Taking advantage of one of the hidden perks of being a policeman, ie. "We can do this because we are police and can and you cannot."
1. Officer O'Flaherty thoroughly Rodney Kinged two suspicious innocent teen-agers who refused to comply with his whimsical dominant demands.

2. I was glad to be Rodney Kinged by the fine officer of the law so that his family and neighbors would be safe when he returned home.
by Diogio Rome November 03, 2007
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This be the brother who called for peace when he said the immortal words:
"C-CAN'T WE ALL J-JUST G-G-GET ALONG?" to the whole world on TV when we was riotin', lootin' and lettin' the roof burn in South Central LA.
We all seen that video of a LAPD whitey squad beatin' down the li'l dude like 15-to-one just cuz he be high on crack and fendin' off their taser shots.
(Rev. Al Sharpton set him up for the media event because he always be crafty thataway.)

Besides numerous other subsequent arrests, RODNEY KING was MAD HORNY one night later on when he got busted with a shemale ho and tried to run the cop over with his Ford Escort.
------------------------- --------- - ------------------------- ---
"Yo, RODNEY KING, how long you been out (on discreets), dawg?"

"RODNEY KING Boulevard? Don't you mean ML King Boulevard?"

GEORGE: "He's a bad mutha-..."
WEEZIE: "Shut yo mouth!"
GEORGE: "I'm just talkin' 'bout RODNEY KING."
by Cholo Hellamongo October 15, 2006
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Also has come into usage as a verb, "to Rodney King". As used by D12.
by Ian Chode September 14, 2003
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The black man who was mercilessly beaten in an over-excess of force by the police.
Person 1: Who's Rodney King?
Person 2: He's the guy.
by Me, Myself, and I December 08, 2004
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