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Verb. Originated from the beating of rodney king. Originally used by Chris Rock to "Rodney King" in a sketch called How not to get your ass kicked by the Police.
It means to run from the Po-Po
#1: Dude stay still dont rodney king it.
#2: Why?
#1: Coz if they have to chase u, u can bet they are bringin an ass whuppin with them
by Super Famicom July 30, 2004
A Definator is someone who defines words for a living. Unlike me definators get paid to define words.
"With my pistol I define the definition of pain" - 50 Cent

Therefore his pistol would be a definator
by Super Famicom July 30, 2004
An excellent documentary/one and three quarter hour long McDonalds commercial.
After watching Super size me, shane and myself had to get some big macs.....i think we missed the message
by Super Famicom December 9, 2004
Lloyd Banks;
An actor/Pac impersinating rapper.
He's a replica, if Pac was still alive, he would never get by.
Doe Rae Me Fa So La Dee Da
Don't play me cause your washed up, lost your spot
Mama say mama sa Macosaca
Banks quit playing now get off your not Tupac
Doe Rae Me cause Pac's hot and you're not
Copyin him is the only shot you got
Banks quit playing now get off your not Tupac
You can get popped after all that shit you pop
by Super Famicom July 25, 2004
A WWE wrestler, son of Vince Mac Mahon and former owner of RAW. The most leet wrestler ever. Lets see that pussy rock do a coast to coast from 50 ft in the air.
Here comes the money, Dolla Dolla
by Super Famicom September 7, 2004
Bevametre; The distance a beer coaster will travel stuck to the bottom of a wet glass before it will fall back to earth.
Whats there to explain? See above
by Super Famicom July 25, 2004