Being vaccinated for covid-19 (ie having a microchip inserted in you by Bill Gates)
Person 1: Hey bro, when are you getting microchipped
Person 2: Never, I don't want to be controlled by Bill Gates
by Dr. Fauci April 30, 2021
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An intergrated circuit comprising of a EEprom, a Processor and Flash Memory. It is programmed by codeing in Assembily, C or even Basic, which is compiled into Hex and "Burnt" onto the chip. Often caled a PIC (Programmable Intergrated Circuit) Available in a 12, 4,16 and 18 series. Very common example is the 16F84 (which is now obsalite) Competitors to ATMEL. A IC is not a Microchip. Similar to a Dyson is not a hoover.
I programmed the PIC using ASM. Pics Pwnz Atmels.
by TheMonkey August 1, 2005
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1.Electronics A minute slice of a semiconducting material, such as silicon or germanium, doped and otherwise processed to have specified electrical characteristics, especially before it is developed into an electronic component or integrated circuit.
2. Series of wires integrated into some form of technological device.
3. Also can be considered as Porn for nerds.
Nerd 1: "OMG I took apart my laptop just to see the microchip."
Nerd 2: "0 g05h 7h47 15 50 n4ugh7y y0u p3rv3."
by Bradford J.F Soriano November 29, 2008
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2021 world wide microchip shortage caused by Covid-19 conspiracy theory of microchips being injected with every vaccine shot.
Hey Dustin, did you get Covid-19 vaccine?

Yes I did Mike, I feel awesome now with this "microchip on my shoulder".
by Marcellus_Wallace May 3, 2021
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