The consistent person you date but wont fess up to on facebook, usually really great in a relationship and in bed but socially awkward or embarrassing to friends. Could be hidden in order to make others think you are still single. Often told that fb status means nothing to be kept happy.
We should tell her that we know about her secret boyfriend
by alabameryellerhammer January 24, 2011
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A boyfriend who just listen to you. Basically emotional support. Someone who you bond with more then your boyfriend. Mostly emotional and physically not always sexually.
I need a Secret Boyfriend my mans never listen to what I say and I feel like I cant cry on his shoulder.
by Goldbubbleku$h October 17, 2019
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The, unattainable, unicorn-like, fantasy crush of a gay man known only to him and those closest to him EXCEPT his primary partner, who must always know NOTHING of the secret pretend boyfriend.
Don't tell Josh that Ryan Seacrest is my secret pretend boyfriend!
by myth ookami July 10, 2011
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The flip-side of a fag-hag.

The "Secret Gay Boyfriend" is that gay man who surrounds himself (and is utterly and undeniably attracted to) women who are witty, intelligent, stylish, urbane, and hysterically funny.
Example: Instead of "Alyssa is John's Fag Hag" (such a crap term), we say "John is Alyssa's Secret Gay Boyfriend."
by john in boston July 13, 2005
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