To perform a dangerous or extreme maneuver while driving a car, usually involving a moving U-turn, particularly while in heavy traffic.

Derived from the cool 70’s television private detective show: Rockford Files, staring James Gardner. He drove a Firebird.
I missed my turn so I had to do 'a Rockford' in the middle of the street.

The traffic is stopped in this lane. Hang 'a Rockford' and go another way.
by Lee Whitfield September 20, 2007
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The act of driving in reverse and spinning your car around 180 degrees.
I had to ditch the pigs so I pulled a rockford and headed the other way.
by wademus July 19, 2004
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a solid form of weed (i.e. rocky)
i bought £20s of rockford last night
by tom and steve October 26, 2003
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Short term for one of the best car audio equipment there is. Rockford Fosgate.
That Fosgate Punch Series 3 subowoofer hits hard.
by [GS]-Schwag June 7, 2004
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City in NW Illinois. A former heavy manufacturing center, this gritty city is now known for high taxes, high crime, and high unemployment.
by beaman February 25, 2004
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Craptastic city in northern Illinois. Only slightly less godawful than Freeport (only because of its size). Rockford is home to a million boarded up victorian mansions doomed to rot. It's home to a buttload of broke-ass niggas angrily wanderin' the streets. It's home to a gaggle of cantankerous crackas wearing sleaveless shirts that say "Git R Done." It's home to not one but two cruddy wal marts, each featuring an assortment of side-show freak customers that must be seen to be believed. You always get a bizarre show when you visit Rockford, but it's not necessarily a show you want to see.
Rockford. It's like Freeport but bigger, and with a bigger cracka population. Sucks mightily.

MAN 1: Git R Done!

MAN 2: Nigga what?
by Aitlan Favafa April 22, 2005
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Blue-collar town ninety minutes NW of Chicago that lost its global relevance ten years ago. Home to a mediocre liberal arts college and one aerospace engineering firm which will be in Connecticutt in five years. Everything closes at ten, and the "happening" section of town involves a truck stop and the Perkins restaurant. What a scream.
Rockford is a really fucking great place to live, alright.
by yayaya December 1, 2003
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