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When you come across some unrelated psycopathic or even erotic videos or information which you had not intended to stumble upon.
Dave: Man, you should have seen this wierd video I saw last night!
Tom: What happened?
Dave: I was doing some research on the French when I clicked on this link that lead me to five guys covering eachother in nutella.
Tom: Sounds like somebody ended up in the dark corner of the internet..
by YAYAYA March 06, 2012
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A person who wants a song written about her by Strong Bad cuz she's so boring no one else will do it.
And I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever write a song about sibbie.

by YaYaYa August 03, 2003
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Blue-collar town ninety minutes NW of Chicago that lost its global relevance ten years ago. Home to a mediocre liberal arts college and one aerospace engineering firm which will be in Connecticutt in five years. Everything closes at ten, and the "happening" section of town involves a truck stop and the Perkins restaurant. What a scream.
Rockford is a really fucking great place to live, alright.
by yayaya December 01, 2003
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