A crap ass town in Northern Illinois that has horrible economy! Whitman Street is full of whores, gangs, pimps, and murders
Westside of Rockford, Whitman Street
by SnookiBear1988 May 03, 2011
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Blue-collar town ninety minutes NW of Chicago that lost its global relevance ten years ago. Home to a mediocre liberal arts college and one aerospace engineering firm which will be in Connecticutt in five years. Everything closes at ten, and the "happening" section of town involves a truck stop and the Perkins restaurant. What a scream.
Rockford is a really fucking great place to live, alright.
by yayaya December 01, 2003
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Slang; pertaining to Haemorrhoids.
Specifically rhyming slang, derived from Piles (noun) - a non-technical name for Haemorrhoids.
Shortened to 'Rockford's" from The Rockford Files (ryhm:Piles)
Derived from the title of the 70's show - The Rockford Files, starring James Garner as the trailer dwelling PI.
Evolved to 'Jimmy's', see Jimmy Garners
Blimey, last nights chicken vindaloo has just passed thru my brown eye and really kicked off my Rockfords, someone pass me the OidGone
by Tubbo67 July 14, 2011
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City of homeless, unemployed rednecks in northern Illinois. Rockford is like a little hick town except it is quite big, with all the problems of a big city!
I'm gonna go pick up some hookers and drugs in Rockford and then listen to Toby Keith.
by bobby February 01, 2004
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Second largest city In Illinois. Home to an immense number of crackheads, heroin junkies, and really good drugs. Very high crime rate. Downtown is dirty & scary, west state street is just a bunch of crumbling buildings and houses, and the school system is a mess. Cherry Vale mall is kind of cool if you want to hang out at Zumies or Hot Topic and show off your new haircut. The Coronado is about all it has going for it, but even that kind of sucks.
We're going to Rockford yo, hide yo wallet and get ready to get stoned!
by gimmedat October 28, 2009
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A cruddy town in Illinois. I go to the public school system here and the kids treat you like crap, rude people. Some are nice. The buildings suck and i cannot wait to move out of this trap. Yes we have a high crime rate. Drug deals have gone on by my house and i'm dissapointed, not as scared as others that our crime is bad because personally im used to it. Be careful here, theres robberies/drugs/ and assholes. Most teenagers are losers. Jobs are hard to find and we have such a bad look. Theres not really any good entertainment at all here. Rockford trys to be Chicago, not working.
Whoah mom lets move to Rockford!

Hell no, did you hear how bad that place is?
by rockford resident June 25, 2011
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